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Business Resources Consortium


Analysis, Vision, Design, Roadmap


Platform Delivery, Application Development, Project Management Training, Technology Innovation


Our Innovation services are designed to help you drive innovation and new ideas in a collaborative environment

Who Are We?

We provide both delivery and training services helping you deliver innovation and transformation while training your people to develop the necessary skills to add more value and embrace technology.






What Makes Us Different

Our talent approach to recruiting, training and development strongly reflects our passion for excellence and leveraging a strong global system of experience and skills to serve our equally global clientele

We have a network of 40,000 professionals across Europe, Africa and Middle East

Virtual Network

We are an agile and virtual company with no offices and headquarters

Digital At Heart

Digital is at the core of everything we do. We are not only evangelists but are also disruptors

A Trusted Partner

At BRC, our purpose is to deliver reliable outcomes in a transparent, sustainable and responsible way

Industry Experience

Our technology experience is complimented by our deep industry insights and understanding

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BRC is a network of global skills, resources, thought and innovation leadership and Intellectual Property united by a strong frame of values, focused on client value generation.

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